Avi’s Wedding – Return to the Naga Hills

L-R Julie, Author, Kikru, Avi, Ruokuo

Visited my friend Kikru in Kohima. The trip was steeped in Naga culture, from the Sekrenyi festival’s rice beer to wildlife conservation tales at Dzuleke. I learned about the significant reconciliation in Khonoma village, with a strategic takeaway reflecting a stronger Indian-Naga identity and regional ethnic concerns.

OF Fashionable Discourses And Simplistic Narratives

Surgical strikes a fashionable phrase that has entered Indian public discourse has interesting origins. The Collins English dictionary defines it as ‘a military action designed to destroy a particular target without harming other people or damaging other buildings near it‘. The term was first used during the first Gulf War. The use of precision guided missiles to take out military targets avoiding civilian casualties. It … Read moreOF Fashionable Discourses And Simplistic Narratives