Chinese Digital Paw Marks on India’s Critical Infrastructure

The Ides of March has since been used to caution all rulers, that all warnings to a sovereign need to be heeded and only disregarded after proper study. With de-escalation signals emanating from the LAC, a fresh digital salvo with much more strategic punch than salami slicing of the borders greeted India and its policy … Read moreChinese Digital Paw Marks on India’s Critical Infrastructure

Pegasus snooping scandal and the privacy debate

Published in dailyO on 05-11-2019 WhatsApp, a US company, has notified 1,400 users internationally in various nations. Multiple methods of legal recourse will be attempted by the victims in various legal jurisdictions including India, that will have global political and diplomatic repercussions. The fallout from this scandal might not be containable within Indian officialdom and … Read morePegasus snooping scandal and the privacy debate

Break Free From Data Colonialism

Published in Business Today 2019. Economic liberalisation, globalisation and Information Technology (IT) are intertwined in our minds as all three took place simultaneously in India in the early 1990s, doing away with the infamous Licence Raj that used to control the country’s economy. But our policymakers need to appreciate that all three have different nuances … Read moreBreak Free From Data Colonialism

A clear and present danger

An essay published in the Asian Age in 2018. The need to regulate cyberspace is obvious, that these are being sabotaged by vested interests which see India as the largest single market for data as the Chinese have carefully protected their data flows and have domestic equivalents to Western giants is known.