Stay Behind Party – The Hunter And Hunted

Small teams operating as stay-behind parties in counter terrorism play a crucial role in maintaining pressure on terrorists.

These are some of the most difficult operations, as to stay undetected among hostile populations itself is a major challenge..

Small Team Art: Counter-Terrorist Operations

Small team operations, as depicted in popular cinema, often show heavily armed commandos with night vision goggles, hands-free communication, flash grenades, and even small robots that can enter and detect hidden terrorists with minimal risk.

For Indian troops at the turn of the century, this was a fairy tale. They relied on overwhelming manpower, lights, & generators bought from regimental funds, rocket launchers, & even IEDs to bring down entire structures. But there were a few artists, who relied on instincts and the visualisation of their own troops & terrorist actions to achieve their aims, often with minimal collateral damage.

Consensus Finally In ARTECH 19 Delhi

My journey into the world of national policy making on information security coincided with the Snowden revelations. It was wholly by accident and never planned as these things go, a series of accidents and initiatives by wholly disconnected and eminent personalities who I was fortunate to bump into and joined in a common journey. But … Read moreConsensus Finally In ARTECH 19 Delhi