Surabhi’s Big Fat Mallu Wedding

Surabhi’s nuptials, a union that sparked joy and celebration amongst friends and family alike. Surabhi Santosh, the beautiful and accomplished daughter of Col Santosh, a dear friend and mentor, had embarked on a journey to find her match amidst the complexities of her dual career as an actor and lawyer. Given the limited options in India’s marriage market for actors and lawyers, it was no small feat. The exceptional individuals who are actors as well as lawyers narrow the band of suitors. Despite this, there was no dearth of suitors, as Surabhi was a stunning beauty with pleasing manners, but none won the damsel’s heart.

After much anticipation, Surabhi unveiled her Prince Charming, the equally accomplished Pranav Chandran, to the delight of all. Their impending union promised to be nothing short of spectacular, given their status as celebrities with millions of fans.

As the wedding date approached, whispers of excitement filled the air, for Surabhi and Pranav’s union was not to be a mere private affair. Their chosen venue, picturesque Kovalam, set the stage for a celebration blending tradition with modernity in perfect harmony. The Samudra was easily one of the better spots adorning God’s Own Country.

India’s rich tapestry of cultures was evident in every aspect of the festivities. Surabhi and Pranav, who hail from Malayalee roots but were raised in metropolitan cities, embraced a fusion of customs that reflected their diverse upbringing.

The festivities commenced with the delicate artistry of the mehendi ceremony. Intricate henna patterns soon adorned the hands and feet of the female guests. Meanwhile, the groom’s entourage from Mumbai dazzled the crowd with their spirited dance performances, adding a touch of glamour to the proceedings.

The crowd was a mixture of relatives and friends, people from the Mumbai entertainment industry, the Malayalam movie industry and a handful of military families. The Mehendi ceremony also had a delicious spread of savouries and dinner. Parties minus alcohol is sacrilege to the military folk. Col Santosh ruefully announced that the official licence for liquor (an expensive and painful process) was only for the next day. This forced the military contingent to temporarily retreat to a room where most of us fortified ourselves from the emergency reserves, without which the military men never venture out. We were joined by the groom’s father, who speedily dispatched a couple of tots of whisky before joining the party. I was informed that his performance in the dance was a couple of notches better due to the magic of the Black Dog

The following day started at 2 am for the bride as makeup artists prepared her for the temple ceremony. The next was the wedding at the resort midday (thankfully in an airconditioned hall). The groom and guests were received by a troupe of traditional drummers with the chenda melam and tala polli by women folk from the bride’s side. The bride made her entry in a resplendent pattu saree decked with designer gold ornaments with her brother Vishnu. She approached the mandapam under a floral canopy (phoolon ki chadar, another cultural import). Surabhi, the actress, had all her swoon-worthy dresses sponsored by various designers.

Amidst the joyous chaos, guests savoured the flavours of a traditional feast served on banana leaves, a testament to Kerala’s rich culinary heritage. Many North Indians struggled to master the intricacies of eating rice with fingers, especially the art of drinking rasam and moru from the palm. Practised veterans like the author quickly solved these challenges by asking the servers for paper cups. It was now time for a much-needed siesta before the evening cocktails.

As night descended, the festivities took on a new energy. Surabhi and Pranav enchanted the crowd with their graceful tango, symbolising their newfound union. The evening culminated in a breathtaking fireworks display, illuminating the sky with bursts of colour and joy. The crowd danced late into the tropical night, with several saree-clad matrons from Thiruvananthapuram joining in.

In the aftermath of the celebrations, Mrs. Santosh was inundated with requests to organise similar fusion weddings, a testament to the success of Surabhi and Pranav’s elegant affair. I suspect this could be the start of a new career.

And so, as the echoes of laughter and music faded into the night, one thing was abundantly clear: Surabhi’s Big Fat Mallu Wedding had set a new standard for celebrations, blending tradition with modernity in a subtle and sublime manner.

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  1. So Well written..Now all Occasions’ are for memories and experiences ! So happy the Malayali’s are coming of age to truly celebrate the Punjabi Style :-)..

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